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buy Dilaudid 8mg

buy Dilaudid 8mg ,  is an opioid agonist that can bind to different types of opioid receptors. Its analgesic effect is suggested to be related to the effect on the mu-opioid receptors. It has been reported to also have a minor affinity for the delta and kappa receptor. On the other hand, it is known to act at the level of the medulla which allows it to depress the respiratory drive and suppress cough.

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buy Dilaudid 8mg is a pure opioid,1 a semi-synthetic hydrogenated ketone derivative of morphine that has been available clinically since 1920. Structurally, hydromorphone derived from morphine in the modification of the hydroxyl group in the carbon 6 to a carbonyl and the absence of a double bond between the carbon 7 and 8. Due to these modifications, it presents a very high potency and comparable side effect profile to the parent compound.Even though hydromorphone does not present a 6-hydroxyl group, it is categorized under the family of phenanthrenes and it is considered a chemical under the schedule II (medical purposes with high addiction potential).

buy Dilaudid 8mg is indicated for the management of moderate to severe acute pain and severe chronic pain. Due to its addictive potential and overdose risk, buy Dilaudid 8mg is only prescribed when other first-line treatments have failed.1

The WHO has proposed a three-step ladder for the management of pain in which it is suggested to start with a non-opioid medication followed by addition of weak opioids to the non-opioid treatment for moderate pain and finishing in the use of strong opioids such as hydromorphone along with the existing regimen for cases of severe pain.

Off-label, buy Dilaudid 8mg can be administered for the suppression of refractory cough.

Some of the observed effects of the consumption of buy Dilaudid 8mg for acute pain are complete and longlasting pain relief when compared to other pain relief agents such as meperidine, morphine, diamorphine, bupivacaine, indomethacin, and fentanyl. On the same trials, buy Dilaudid 8mg was shown to produce respiratory depression, lower cognitive function, miosis, mydriasis, constipation, hypotension, and vertigo but to present a reduced incidence of pruritus (which indicates a lower release of histamine) and nausea.


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