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buy norex anfepramona 50mg online

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buy norex anfepramona 50mg

buy norex anfepramona 50mg , is drugs-anorexiants that reduce appetite. Effect of drugs is associated with inhibition of the so-called satiety center (hunger), which is located in the brain and controls the feeling of hunger.

description :

buy norex anfepramona 50mg  ,action is based on the release of norepinephrine, thereby, suppressing appetite. Norex is similar in its effect to amphetamine.

In medical practice, norex diet pills are used when disease proceeds with obesity on the background of a low-calorie diet. The pills are sold by IFA Pharmaceuticals in Mexico.

An active ingredient of pills is “Anfepromona” (amfepramonum, abulemin, diethylpropion, natorexic, regenon, tenuate, phepranonum, “Apesate”, “Tenuate Dospan”, “Neobes”).

buy norex anfepramona 50mg  ,is white or white to slightly pinkish sheen crystalline powder with bitter taste. The easily soluble in water and alcohol. Compared to phenamine, amfepramone has little stimulating effect on the central nervous system and has little effect on peripheral adrenergic structure, i.e. it has a somewhat more selective anorexigenic action, inferior in the ability to reduce appetite to phenamine.


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