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buy obeclox clobenzorex 30 mg online


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buy obeclox clobenzorex 30 mg

buy obeclox clobenzorex 30 mg ,  an appetite suppressant and stimulant that is only available via prescription and is intended to be used under the supervision of a medical practitioner. It is known to produce effective and fast results.

it is  Anorectics Indicated for the treatment of people with a body mass index (BMI) less than or greater than 30 kg / m2 and who have not responded to a diet. Especially for those patients with diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

description :

Chemically, clobenzorex is an N-substituted amphetamine analog that is converted to d-amphetamine soon after ingestion. In commercial production, clobenzorex is supplied in 30 mg doses as the hydrochloride salt in green-tinted capsules. The drug gained use as a prescription anorectic in the 1970s; however, adverse reactions were eventually observed, which led to the prohibition of clobenzorex in the United States and certain other countries.



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